Ways to Give

Give Online

You can make a gift online via credit card or by eCheck.

Give Now

Mail A Gift

If you’d like to send a gift through mail, please mail your check to HMC ADVANCEMENT, P.O. Box 840600 Los Angeles, CA 90084-0600.

If you are sending a gift via overnight delivery by courier, please use Lockbox Services 840600 ATTN: HMC ADVANCEMENT, 3440 Flair Drive El Monte, CA 91731.

Talk to Our Staff

Questions? Email us at development@zdya.net or call 844.GIVE.HMC (844.448.3462) and a member of our team will follow up in a timely manner.

Email the Development Team

Gifts by Wire Transfer

For cash wire transfers, please contact Katrina Richardson at krichardson@zdya.net or 909.607.3167.

Other Ways to Give

Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF), which is like a charitable savings account, gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is granted to an organization. Visit Donor Advised Fund to learn more about these charitable savings accounts or to log into your account and recommend a grant.

When you make a Donor Advised Fund gift to Harvey Mudd College, it is possible that the sponsoring organization will not share your information with us. Please send us a note at advancement_services@zdya.net or contact us at 844.448.3462 when you have made a gift so we can thank you and ensure that your gift is recorded correctly.

Qualified Charitable Distribution (IRA Charitable Rollover)

If you are 70½ or older, you may donate directly from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for tax benefits and higher charitable impact, quickly and easily. The popular gift option is commonly called the IRA charitable rollover, but you may also see it referred to as a qualified charitable distribution, or QCD for short. Let our handy tool help you to make your donation at IRA Charitable Rollover.

When you make a qualified charitable distribution gift to Harvey Mudd College, it is likely that your financial institution will not share your information with us (we often receive QCD checks that do not include the donor name). Please send us a note at advancement_services@zdya.net or contact us at 844.448.3462 when you have made a gift so we can thank you and ensure that your gift is recorded correctly. Please indicate the amount, the name of the financial institution that is sending your QCD, and where you would like the gift designated.

Giving Stocks and/or Mutual Funds

Giving stock that has appreciated and you have held for at least one year can be one of the smartest ways to make a gift. You not only obtain a deduction for the full-fair market value of the stock (typically calculated as the average of the high and the low on the day the stock leaves your control), you also avoid paying tax on the capital gain.

(Where a stock has depreciated in value, selling the stock and contributing the proceeds may be more advisable, particularly if you can use the loss to offset other gains.)

The objective is to transfer the shares to Harvey Mudd College rather than sell the shares and forward us the proceeds. The transfer process varies slightly depending on whether or not the stock certificates are in your possession.

To initiate a transfer of stock and/or mutual funds to HMC, please contact advancement_services@zdya.net and include the following:

  • Your name and affiliation to HMC (alum, parent, trustee, etc.)
  • The name and ticker symbol of the stock you are transferring
  • The number of shares you are transferring
  • The intended designation or purpose of your gift (for example, Unrestricted, Financial Aid, President’s Scholars Program, General Endowment, etc.)
  • Any other notes

Please note that stock gifts may take 3–4 business days to transfer. On average, mutual funds take 3–4 weeks to be received by HMC.

Real Estate

Consider making a gift of real estate to Harvey Mudd. Such a generous gift helps us continue our work for years to come. And a gift of real estate also helps you. When you give usappreciated propertyyou have held longer than one year, you qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction. This eliminatescapital gains tax. And you no longer have to deal with that property’s maintenance costs, property taxes or insurance.

Another benefit: You don’t have to hassle with selling the real estate. You can deed the property directly to Harvey Mudd or ask your attorney to add a few sentences in your will or trust agreement.

Learn more at Real Estate.

Planned Gifts

One of the simplest ways for you to make a future contribution to Harvey Mudd College is through your will. It is never too late or too early to plan for the people and causes you care about.

If you have already included Harvey Mudd College in your will, please let us know so that we may say thank you and demonstrate today the future impact you will be making in the community. Simply fill out our Statement of Intent (PDF) form and email it to plannedgiving@zdya.net along with any questions we may help answer.

For additional resources on gifts of real estate, life income gifts, and more, please contact our office to speak with a representative or visit our Planned Giving website.

In-kind Gifts

In addition to gifts and pledges of cash or other appreciated assets, there may be opportunities to contribute in-kind gifts to the college, such as a piece of research or machining equipment directly helpful to the college’s mission of hands-on education and research.

All in-kind gifts must be given unconditionally and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The College does not generally accept gifts of art or vehicles, and gifts of property valued at more than $5000 must be supported by a formal appraisal to qualify for a tax deduction. Harvey Mudd does not provide nor pay for such appraisals.

Corporations interested in contributing scientific research or engineering equipment should contact Jennifer Lidar, director of corporate relations at jlidar@zdya.net or 909.607.7015.

Individuals should contact Katrina Richardson at krichardson@zdya.net or 909.607.3167.

Employer Matching Gifts

You may make an even greater impact with your gift to Harvey Mudd College by taking advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Through these programs, gifts to the College can be doubled or even tripled. Please make a gift to the college, and then take the next steps to increase your giving power through your corporation’s matching gift program.

Start Your Matching Gift

Employer search will appear here on front end

  1. Use the search feature above to see if your company has an eligible matching gift program. If your company is eligible, you will be linked directly to instructions about how to complete the process. Note that more and more companies manage their gift matching electronically and will request submission from a directed web page.
  2. If you don’t find your employer, ask your human resources office about gift matching protocol at your company.

Thank you supporting future generations of Harvey Mudd College students!

For more information on corporate matching, contact us at advancement_services@zdya.net or 909.607.3165.

Employee Gift Payroll Deduction Form

Harvey Mudd employees can make their gift through payroll deductions. Please complete the Employee Gift Payroll Deduction form (PDF) and return electronically to advancement_services@zdya.net. For questions, please contact Katrina Richardson at krichardson@zdya.net.


If you have questions, please call844.GIVE.HMC (844.448.3462) or 909.621.8979.